This programme will take your existing fitness and ramp it up like you wouldn't believe - We will be Sculpting those hard to hit areas - Trimming away the Fat - Building Strength and Fitness

Daily Workouts and Weekly Challenges mean you will be focussed on achieving your goals - You get to Workout from home, but be part of an amazing ambitious group !

Join NOW and start something you will never want to finish.

Incredible Value - Only £12 every 4 weeks!


Feel Motivated - Structured and Supported

Max your Fitness – Shape your Body – Love the Results


Have you worked hard with your exercise so far and really want to take it to the next level - or maybe you are a little disappointed with the changes in your body and starting to lose faith with the benefits of exercise.

Let me give you new hope - Let me show you how to take your hard work you have put in already and start giving you the results you really want.

Hi, My name is Adam Newman - If you have worked your way through my other programmes you will already be familiar with my passion for wanting to help as many people as possible achieve their goals.

The Body FIX programme was originally designed as a follow on to my Lean Ladies plan and I was basically forced into building it for all the ladies that were finishing the plan and wanting more. The format works and the ladies were achieving great results, therefore they didn't want it to end there.

This programme has since developed enormously and will show you progress in leaps and bounds. It is where we take your existing fitness and use it to catapult you onto a whole new level - this new fitness also means a new body - trimming away the fat and replacing it with a lean, long and sexy looking shape.

I understand what you want from your efforts and I want to give you the best results you can achieve - therefore I have created the best workouts and the best motivation and support to help you achieve those things.

Let’s do it together

Body FIX works the same as my other programmes - we all join a private Facebook Group where I can motivate and support you as well as deliver the daily workouts and challenges.

There is always plenty to challenge you - you can do as much or as little as you want - the main thing is that you will always have a structure and a plan to follow that will keep pushing you towards your goals

  • Follow along workout video's everyday
  • Workout in the convenience and comfort of your home
  • Daily workout finishers to give you extra intensity
  • Weekly group challenges - work together to achieve the goal and build on your own personal progress

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The Workouts

Varied - Fun - Balanced - Efficient - Effective

There is no chance of getting bored on this program, we work through a 12 week loop and every loop is different. With a Massive bank of workouts to chose from which are quick to perform and challeng your body in a structured way, giving you the results you deserve.

The Group

Supportive - Friendly - Motivational - Great Advice - A sense of belonging

Not only do you feel like you are doing it for your self you will also be doing it for each other.

The days where you just wouldn't do it if you were going it alone - you will in Body FIX.

Use the group momentum to push you to new highs and pull you through any lows - this alone is such an amazing part of the programme.



What you get…..

  • Balanced and Structured Daily workouts
  • Support and Motivation to keep you on track
  • Follow along workout Video's
  • Drop pounds in weight
  • Lose inches from your waist
  • Nutrition advice and guidelines
  • Access to the private Facebook Group
  • Daily and Weekly Challenges
  • Choose how much you want to take part in.
  • Ability to contact myself for extra help and support.



Let's do it button


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me Join in and change your life forever.

All of the comments on this page are real and come from just a handful of the Ladies who have worked their way through the program.

Wishing you all the best

If you have any questions or concerns about the program, contact me at





All for just £12 / 4 weeks - You can do it.